fall by the wayside

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The side or edge of a road, way, path, or highway.
Situated at or near the side of a road, way, path, or highway: a wayside inn.
fall by the wayside
1. To fail to continue; give up.
2. To be set aside or discarded because of other considerations.
go by the wayside
To be set aside or discarded because of other considerations.
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Verb1.fall by the wayside - give up in the face of defeat of lacking hope; admit defeat; "In the second round, the challenger gave up"
يَفْشَل، يَتْرُك، يَتَخَلّى عن
ikke blive til noget
havlu atmak


(wei) noun
1. an opening or passageway. This is the way in/out; There's no way through.
2. a route, direction etc. Which way shall we go?; Which is the way to Princes Street?; His house is on the way from here to the school; Will you be able to find your/the way to my house?; Your house is on my way home; The errand took me out of my way; a motorway.
3. used in the names of roads. His address is 21 Melville Way.
4. a distance. It's a long way to the school; The nearest shops are only a short way away.
5. a method or manner. What is the easiest way to write a book?; I know a good way of doing it; He's got a funny way of talking; This is the quickest way to chop onions.
6. an aspect or side of something. In some ways this job is quite difficult; In a way I feel sorry for him.
7. a characteristic of behaviour; a habit. He has some rather unpleasant ways.
8. used with many verbs to give the idea of progressing or moving. He pushed his way through the crowd; They soon ate their way through the food.
(especially American) by a long distance or time; far. The winner finished the race way ahead of the other competitors; It's way past your bedtime.
ˈwayfarer noun
a traveller, especially on foot.
ˈwayside noun
the side of a road, path etc. We can stop by the wayside and have a picnic; (also adjective) a wayside inn.
be/get on one's way
to start or continue a walk, journey etc. Well, thanks for the cup of tea, but I must be on my way now.
by the way
incidentally, in passing, while I remember etc. By the way, did you know he was getting married?
fall by the wayside
(of projects, ideas etc) to be abandoned; to fail.
get/have one's own way
to do, get etc what one wants. You can't always have your own way.
get into / out of the way of (doing) something
to become accustomed to (not) doing; to get into / out of the habit of doing. They got into the way of waking up late when they were on holiday.
go out of one's way
to do more than is really necessary. He went out of his way to help us.
have a way with
to be good at dealing with or managing. She has a way with children.
have it one's own way
to get one's own way. Oh, have it your own way – I'm tired of arguing.
in a bad way
unwell; in poor condition. The patient is in a bad way.
in/out of the/someone's way
(not) blocking someone's progress, or occupying space that is needed by someone. Don't leave your bicycle where it will get in the way of pedestrians; Will I be in the/your way if I work at this table?; `Get out of my way!' he said rudely.
lose one's way
to stop knowing where one is, or in which direction one ought to be going. I lost my way through the city.
make one's way
1. to go. They made their way towards the centre of the town.
2. to get on in the world.
make way (for)
to stand aside and leave room (for). The crowd parted to make way for the ambulance.
under way
moving, in progress etc. Her plans are under way.
way of life
a manner of spending one's life. I enjoy farming – it's a pleasant way of life.
ways and means
methods, especially of providing money.
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I told them that if you can't handle the pressure, you will fall by the wayside or you will improve as a player and build your character.
SOME folk seek and yet may never find Love that's left them cruelly behind Yet others fall in love at first sight And their future is mapped out that very night Very soon marriage and children form an equation Were finance can be a worry in this new situation Marriages can and do fall by the wayside And some constantly swim against the tide Some Folk are together till the day they die And some are very good at living a lie If your marriage has been like a dream You both chose very wisely it would seem.
That game has now been arranged for Saturday October 11, which sees their scheduled league fixture for that day - a trip to East Belfast rivals Dundela - fall by the wayside for the time being.
The latest to fall to the West Brom curse was Paolo Di Canio at Sunderland - and Moyes will be hoping he is not the SIXTH boss to fall by the wayside after yesterday's shock defeat.
The only seeded player to fall by the wayside was France's ninth seed Benoit Paire, losing in straight sets to American Denis Kulda who progressed to the third round with a 6-3 6-4 win.
The literature reveals that there is a broad range of differentiated instructional techniques to choose from, but the best-laid plans tend to fall by the wayside in the face of the struggle between teaching and maintaining classroom control.
SEDGEFIELD'S National Hunt meeting on Tuesday is the latest fixture to fall by the wayside.
JOKE acts Wagner and Ann Widdecombe are still going strong on The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing while the middle-ranking contestants begin to fall by the wayside, writes Phil Agius.
GLASGOW ROCKS forward Mike Copeland has warned his team-mates to stop griping about long road trips south or watch their BBL title ambitions fall by the wayside.
I can't understand how WAGs allow their self-respect to fall by the wayside for a few years of fame.
INVESTMENT is needed in Rhos-on-Sea to ensure the village does not fall by the wayside as millions are invested in Colwyn Bay.
BAHRAIN: A contract worth $545 million to build a hotel resort for Sama Dubai in Bahrain has been scrapped, according to one of the developers, making it the latest property deal to fall by the wayside in the global downturn.