fall into place

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Verb1.fall into place - become clear or enter one's consciousness or emotionsfall into place - become clear or enter one's consciousness or emotions; "It dawned on him that she had betrayed him"; "she was penetrated with sorrow"
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His body instinctively assumed a certain position as I touched him, which compelled my arms to fall into place, and the thing was done.
Such qualities were scarcely of the kind to enliven foreign travel, though they made her so easy and pleasant a companion; but he saw at once how they would fall into place in their proper setting.
The subject exists, the subject enlarges; all things sooner or later fall into place. As I am, so I see; use what language we will, we can never say anything but what we are; Hermes, Cadmus, Columbus, Newton, Bonaparte, are the mind's ministers.
Global auto giants Nissan and Mitsubishi are making a push to introduce their electric vehicles in the Philippines as efforts to promote the local market fall into place, according to an industry group.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Sept 07 (ANI): 'Action king of Bollywood' Sunny Deol, who was last seen on the silver-screen in 'Ghayal Once Again', recently reckoned that he tries his best to do a lot of films but "things don't fall into place".
Butler will operate at 47kg and Kirkby ABC coach Dave Kenny believes his charge is ready to take home a medal, but needs everything to fall into place.
When a common link to certain businesses is found, it all starts to fall into place, but the link also leads to unfortunate repercussions.
Yes, there are other pieces of the jigsaw to fall into place - not least, the much-anticipated transport hub.
The client, the voyeur, and then the viewer all fall into place. The victim, the monster, the judge.
FALL INTO PLACE Deborah McCarthy gets helping hand from Gillian Anderson at new salon in Lisburn yesterday
So many things had to fall into place for Weaver and Hatch-O'Loughlin to get to the altar.
Defend Israel first and everything else will fall into place.