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Verb1.fall short of - fail to satisfy, as of expectations, for examplefall short of - fail to satisfy, as of expectations, for example
live up to, satisfy, fulfill, fulfil - meet the requirements or expectations of
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For tell me, sirs, if you have ever reflected upon it, by how much do those who have gained by war fall short of the number of those who have perished in it?
How far I have succeeded in this good attempt, I shall submit to the candid reader, with only two requests: First, that he will not expect to find perfection in this work; and Secondly, that he will excuse some parts of it, if they fall short of that little merit which I hope may appear in others.
He would have had his hand chopped off before he would have allowed himself by a word, by a hint, to humiliate her, or even to fall short of the fullest respect a woman could look for.
Lastly, they all swore at their grooms, and the grooms were not quite as respectful or complete as other men's grooms; seeming somehow to fall short of the groom point as their masters fell short of the gentleman point.
He said the BJP would fall short of absolute majority but the NDA would be able to form a stable coalition government with allies.
G U J R A N WA L A -- Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz (PML-N) leader Maryam Nawaz has claimed on Friday that prisons would fall short of space while rhetorically asking the top court how many of the people would be tried for contempt of court for supporting Nawaz Sharif despite disqualification as premier.
In the FRB/US model, inflation and output systematically fall short of their objectives to a degree similar to that under the estimated rule when the steady-state nominal interest rate equals 3 percent.
President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he hopes major countries agree to "aggressive enough targets" to cut carbon emissions at climate talks in Paris later this year, but said that any deal will fall short of what is needed to slow climate change.
Shanghai: China's trade will grow 3.5 per cent in 2014, implying the country will fall short of a current 7.5 per cent official growth target, according to a report on the Ministry of Commerce's website that was subsequently revised to remove the numbers.
Hence, the company expects to fall short of its previous guidance of 6% to 8% sales growth as well as adjusted earnings of USD2.65 to USD2.85 per share.
THE parent company of Coventry's London Taxi International, Manganese Bronze, said it made no profit in 2011 and could fall short of expectations for the year.
Auto Business News-December 8, 2011--Toyota Motor Corporation's domestic production to fall short of three million in 2011(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.enpublishing.co.uk