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Adj.1.fall-blooming - of plants that bloom during the autumn
autumnal - of or characteristic of or occurring in autumn; "the autumnal equinox"; "autumnal fruits"
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In addition to fall-blooming azaleas, gardeners can find hydrangeas that flower in September, sunflowers still going strong in October, lilacs in fragrant bloom in August and even a clematis that produces its bell-like blooms until frost.
Sink fall-blooming corms and tubers--including colchicum, crocus, and cyclamen--into the ground and enjoy their cheerful blossoms this coming season.
Saffron is the product of the 'Saffron Crocus' (Crocus sativus), a small fall-blooming crocus, usually the last flower to bloom in the season.
Spring, not fall, is perfect for planting many summer- and fall-blooming bulbs.
"Summer- and fall-blooming shrubs flower on new growth, so prune anytime during the dormant season-I prefer late winter," says Myers.
Planting early, mid-season, and fall-blooming flowers is certainly important.
* Pinch fall-blooming plants such as chrysanthemums and hardy asters to control their size and increase production of flowers.
Combining traditionally pruned hedges with more wild, mind-of-their-own grasses and fall-blooming gaura adds points of interest without disrupting the natural flow of the landscape.
* Since the irises have a limited blooming period, enhance the water garden with a combination of summer- and fall-blooming aquatics (waterlilies are perfect).
Similar "hard" pruning is performed on the fall-blooming P.G.
Until the last few years, our home gardens with their gorgeous spring displays of peonies, roses, tulips and daffodils; summer-blooming daisies; and spring- and fall-blooming clematis were the very definition -- even the only definition -- of a garden.