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1. Containing or based on a fallacy: a fallacious assumption.
2. Tending to mislead; deceptive: fallacious testimony.

fal·la′cious·ly adv.
fal·la′cious·ness n.
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get hold of the wrong end of the stick To be mistaken, to have the story wrong or the facts twisted; to attack or approach a problem from the wrong direction. This expression is more common in Britain than in the United States. The similar get the wrong end of the stick may have the identical meaning or be equivalent to get the short end of the stick(VICTIMIZATION).

put the cart before the horse To reverse priorities; to be illogical; to have an erroneous perspective; to do things backwards. Similar sayings exist in numerous languages. This one appears to have its direct antecedents in Latin and French expressions; it appeared in English by the 13th century and has been common ever since. In Shakespeare’s King Lear the Fool puns:

May not an ass know when the cart draws the horse? (I, iv)

skin an eel by the tail To do something the wrong way, to do something backwards. The usual method of skinning an eel involves slitting its body just under the head and pulling downward to remove the skin. The reverse simply does not work.

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Noun1.fallaciousness - result of a fallacy or error in reasoning
invalidity, invalidness - illogicality as a consequence of having a conclusion that does not follow from the premisses
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By the way, have you read my work on 'The Fallaciousness of the Aspectual in Art'?"
Those who defend the opinions, Those who defend the opinions of particularly those of Judaism, Judaism raise a clear voice, negate raise a clear voice, negate the the evil opinions, and reveal their evil opinions, and reveal their fallaciousness and falsity by an fallaciousness and falsity.
Only when one understands this and abstracts from the firm to look at the market as a whole is the fallaciousness of the approach revealed.
The fallaciousness of that view is strikingly illustrated by the monstrous crimes committed under totalitarian regimes, led by men who were presumed to be superior in their intelligence, but who were anything but superior in their morals.
43) and after a series of examples that illustrate his point he concludes that "the fallaciousness of respect neglect roots in the fact that we cannot in general make absolutes out of comparatives" (p.
Disinclined to fashion a (more inquisitorially inspired) rule imposing an "undifferentiated and absolute duty to retain and to preserve all material that might be of conceivable evidentiary significance in a particular prosecution," the Court deferred to "police themselves" to "by their conduct indicate that the evidence could form a basis for exonerating the defendant." (185) That Larry Youngblood was eventually exonerated of his crime through enhanced DNA testing on the same degraded evidence considered by the Court puts into stark relief the fallaciousness of the Court's judgment that "police themselves" are reliably entrusted with discerning the probative value of physical evidence to a defendant's guilt or innocence.
In Barres's novel, by contrast, this sequence of apprenticeship--from the naive emulation of a Balzacian model to the embittered realization of that model's fallaciousness and inadequacy--is collapsed into a single scene that references Rastignac's ambitious declaration as an impossibility.
Even if one were to overlook the fallaciousness of such make-belief stories, the fact remains that in the 6th century BCE Sri Lanka was inhabited by other people, e.g., the Veddas (who has close physical resemblance with people of South India), with different set of beliefs than Buddhism.
This paper contends that in 199c-201c Plato is showing us an important character flaw in Agathon, and that he is using Agathon's failure to recognize the fallaciousness of Socrates' refutation to put this flaw of Agathon's on stage before us in order to educate us about it.
In me, for me, like me?" (37) A starting point at least is to insist on the evident fallaciousness of market driven approaches to biodiversity and to begin to think more ambitiously about the possibility of what Yusoff describes as "a transformation at the level of being" (2011, 6).
Like van Eemeren and Grootendorst, Walton (2000) maintains that the purpose of the argumentative exchange shapes the "dialectical relevancy" (and hence fallaciousness) of argumentative moves (pp.