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It was revealed that the woman had actually retrieved the skull from an open grave and it was true that she had intended to grind it down into a powder, but this was to create a remedy for a female friend who was ill with a falling sickness. The men considered her version of events to be dreadful but true, and the charge of murder was done away with.
For we have often found that certain people have been visited with epilepsy or the falling sickness by means of eggs which have been buried with dead bodies, especially the dead bodies of witches, together with other ceremonies of which we cannot speak, particularly when these eggs have been given to a person either in food or drink." Although many physicians believed otherwise during the era of the Salem Witch Trials, which saw hundreds of thousands of women murdered on the basis of witchcraft, "the general public probably saw witches and demons as having a greater role" in epilepsy, the foundation says.
Decoctions with wine and infusions were used to treat asthma, dropsy, cramp, the falling sickness -- epilepsy -- dyspepsia, menstrual complaints, apoplexy and flatulence.