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Noun1.Gabriele Fallopius - Italian anatomist who first described the Fallopian tubes (1523-1562)
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Measuring 5.9x4.6x2.7 mm, it appeared irregularly shaped (Figure 4) and involved the promontory, the three ossicles (Figures 3-4), and the fallopian canal bone (Figure 5) at the level of its tympanic portion.
- In cases of immediate FP after trauma and electrophysiologically severe with a clear cut fracture line on the fallopian canal on high-resolution CT (HRCT), surgery is performed as soon as possible; depending on the patient's neurologic status.
One of the major drawbacks of HRCT is its inability to accurately detect small erosions of the fallopian canal due to its small size, oblique orientation in tympanic part and developmental dehiscence, particularly when abutted by soft tissue.
Fallopian canal dehiscences: A survey of clinical and anatomical findings.
Kaplan, "Congenital dehiscence of the fallopian canal in middle ear surgery," Archives of Otolaryngology, vol.
The bony facial nerve canal (or fallopian canal) begins as the facial nerve exits the IAC at the fundus.
The middle ear anatomy was normal; in particular, the Fallopian canal was intact.
Information regarding ossicular chain erosion, erosion of LSSC and fallopian canal can also be appreciated by HRCT.