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a. Plowed but left unseeded during a growing season: soil erosion from fallow fields.
b. Left unplowed and unseeded: fields that had been fallow for many years.
2. Characterized by inactivity: a fallow gold market.
1. Land left unseeded during a growing season.
2. The act of plowing land and leaving it unseeded.
3. The condition or period of being unseeded.
tr.v. fal·lowed, fal·low·ing, fal·lows
1. To plow (land) without seeding it afterward.
2. To plow and till (land), especially to eradicate or reduce weeds.

[Middle English falow, from Old English fealh, fallow land.]

fal′low·ness n.
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After winter's fallowness and all its severity, when earth is torn up by the diligent farmer (66) She had moved to New York, and then Chicago where she pursued, but did not complete, a PhD in Philosophy at the University of Chicago due to health problems.
This showing bodes very well for Mackay who, after months of fallowness, will now be hoping this is the game that re-ignites the Bluebirds' campaign and sees them grab what is increasingly looking like the solitary play-off place still on offer.