false witness

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Noun1.false witness - a person who deliberately gives false testimony
liar, prevaricator - a person who has lied or who lies repeatedly
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For example, they are the thieves, burglars, cutpurses, footpads, robbers of temples, man-stealers of the community; or if they are able to speak they turn informers, and bear false witness, and take bribes.
If, when I come back, I fail to prove to you that Miss Bygrave is the woman who wore that disguise, and used those threatening words, in Vauxhall Wall, I will engage to leave your service at a day's notice; and I will atone for the sin of bearing false witness against my neighbor by resigning every claim I have to your grateful remembrance, on your father's account as well as on your own.
This I say only: that those who murder and rob and oppress the innocent and bear false witness shall lie in that place of fire.
Come in, you false witness, you perjurer, you suborner of evidence, come in
And they also say, you shall bear no false witness,' observed Mr.
The eyes are ofttimes more eloquent than the lips, Tara," he replied; "and in yours I have read that which is neither hatred nor contempt for Turan the panthan, and my heart tells me that your lips bore false witness when they cried in anger: 'I hate you
Justice Khosa remarked that accused could not be convicted over false witness.
On each occasion, he has accepted making false witness statements and log entries.
False Witness He drove down to Devon with his son, Returning him to uni before the term had begun, It was a long journey so half way they stopped, At a garage where the car tank they topped.
Karlo Nograles, a key ally of President Rodrigo Duterte, on Monday called professed hitman Edgar Matobato a false witness and hit Senator Leila De Lima for destabilizing the administration's promise of change.
Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness Thou shalt not
Something was clearly amiss with False Witness when last seen and is given a chance to redeem himself in the Jack Daniels Handicap at Ayr.