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intr.v. fal·tered, fal·ter·ing, fal·ters
1. To be unsteady in purpose or action, as from loss of courage or confidence; waver: "She never faltered in her resolution to regain her old position" (Louis Auchincloss).
2. To speak hesitatingly; stammer: faltered in reciting the poem.
a. To move unsteadily or haltingly; stumble: The racehorse faltered right after the start.
b. To become weak, ineffective, or unsteady, especially in performance: The economy faltered in the second quarter. His memory began to falter.
1. Unsteadiness in speech or action: finished the project without falter.
2. A faltering sound: answered with a falter in his voice.

[Middle English falteren, to stagger, possibly from Old Norse faltrask, to be puzzled, hesitate.]

fal′ter·er n.
fal′ter·ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.falteringly - in an unsteady mannerfalteringly - in an unsteady manner; "he walked unsteadily toward the exit"; "The wounded soldier was swinging unsteadily on his legs"
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مُتَرَنِّحا، مُتَلَعْثِما
meî óstyrkum hætti


[ˈfɔːltərɪŋlɪ] ADV [say] → con voz entrecortada, con la voz quebrada
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adv saystockend, stammelnd; (= hesitantly)zögernd; (= unsteadily) move, walktaumelnd
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(ˈfoːltə) verb
1. to stumble or hesitate. She walked without faltering.
2. to speak with hesitation. Her voice faltered.
ˈfaltering adjective
ˈfalteringly adverb
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References in classic literature ?
For the good of the shire," began the Sheriff again, falteringly, "we did proclaim an amnesty; but 'twas because these men had proved a menace--"
Slowly and falteringly, in sorrow and in hesitation, she had once approached me.
"You would like those, Dorothea," said Celia, rather falteringly, beginning to think with wonder that her sister showed some weakness, and also that emeralds would suit her own complexion even better than purple amethysts.
"John," Wendy said falteringly, "perhaps we don't remember the old life as well as we thought we did."
Presently his hand went falteringly to his forehead, an expression of wonderment filled his eyes--of wonderment and sudden understanding.
The girl rose falteringly to a sitting posture upon the couch.
"I see you think I have no chance," Brownie said falteringly.
"What I said ain't what I meant," Martin confessed falteringly, while he made up his mind to throw himself wholly upon the other's mercy.
At nineteen, his hand had inscribed in chalk on that part of the wall which fronted her lodgings, on the occasion of her birthday, 'Welcome sweet nursling of the Fairies!' At twenty-three, the same hand falteringly presented cigars on Sundays to the Father of the Marshalsea, and Father of the queen of his soul.
"No," said Tom, rather falteringly. "I was in Practice.
"I see that ye are spirits," he said falteringly; "did ever man born of woman have hair on one side of his face and not on the other, or a round and transparent eye, or teeth which moved and melted away and grew again?
In a thin, cracked voice she spoke, hesitatingly, falteringly, as though she were using unfamiliar words and speaking a strange tongue.