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1. familiar.
2. family.


the Family Channel (a cable television channel).


or F. & A.M.,

Free and Accepted Masons.
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FAM hired Ultimus to provide fund administration, fund accounting and financial reporting services for the FAM Funds which include: FAM Value Fund, FAM Equity-Income Fund, and the FAM Small Cap Fund.
PLDT said FAM ZONE's products would provide a 'safe' internet experience for families, when used alongside its suite of home broadband services.
Quinta, formar un gobierno de reconciliacion que cumpla las demandas ciudadanas y las del FAM.
To fill the void left by Dollah, FAM reached an agreement to appoint Kim Swee as caretaker of the national squad with immediate effect for the fourth qualifier against Saudi Arabia in the Shah Alam Stadium on Tuesday until a date to be announced," the statement said.
We want Worcester to know, 'You have WAM, and you also have FAM only a half hour away.
In order to excel in terms of reliability, ease of maintenance, hygiene and safety, FAM develops and markets innovative solutions for the precision cutting of food products.
Saintfiet's appointment as Malawi coach has upset some people in the country (a Malawi citizen even filed a court injunction against FAM to invalidate Saintfiet's appointment ), but now his potential bonus has even angered some of his own players.
FAM on Friday released a qualified apology to Chelsea and the player for conduct it said came from a small disruptive section of fans.
With this in mind, the FAM Lifts was recently introduced to the market.
This article will analyze and compare the publication histories of Notes and FAM in the period 1977 to 2007 to answer the following questions:
Sendo assim, este estudo pretende avaliar a viabilidade de utilizacao de diferentes concentracoes de FAM na elaboracao de massa alimenticia, assim como, avaliar as caracteristicas fisicas e sensoriais dos produtos elaborados.
Our priority is the safety of players," said FAM in a statement.