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Adj.1.familiarising - serving to make familiar
orientating, orienting - positioning with respect to a reference system or determining your bearings physically or intellectually; "noticed the bee's momentary orienting pause before heading back to the hive"; "an orienting program for new employees"
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Kit--for it happens at this juncture, not only that we have breathing time to follow his fortunes, but that the necessities of these adventures so adapt themselves to our ease and inclination as to call upon us imperatively to pursue the track we most desire to take--Kit, while the matters treated of in the last fifteen chapters were yet in progress, was, as the reader may suppose, gradually familiarising himself more and more with Mr and Mrs Garland, Mr Abel, the pony, and Barbara, and gradually coming to consider them one and all as his particular private friends, and Abel Cottage, Finchley, as his own proper home.
As the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) implements its new address system that will have the city divided into districts and sectors, while all the streets will be renamed, we ask Mohammad Masoud Al Janahi, Director, Drivers' Affairs Department, Public Transport Agency, on how the authority is familiarising others with the new system.
Transperth train drivers will now start familiarising themselves with the new section of track under the guidance of an experienced pilot driver.