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tr.v. fa·mil·iar·ized, fa·mil·iar·iz·ing, fa·mil·iar·iz·es
1. To make known, recognized, or familiar.
2. To make acquainted with.

fa·mil′iar·i·za′tion (-yər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
fa·mil′iar·iz′er n.


(fəˈmɪljəˌraɪz) or


vb (tr)
1. to make (oneself or someone else) familiar, as with a particular subject
2. to make (something) generally known or accepted
faˌmiliariˈzation, faˌmiliariˈsation n
faˈmiliarˌizer, faˈmiliarˌiser n


(fəˈmɪl yəˌraɪz)

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.
1. to make (oneself or another) well-acquainted or conversant with something; acquaint.
2. to make (something) well-known; bring into common knowledge or use.
fa•mil`iar•i•za′tion, n.
fa•mil′iar•iz`er, n.


Past participle: familiarized
Gerund: familiarizing

I familiarize
you familiarize
he/she/it familiarizes
we familiarize
you familiarize
they familiarize
I familiarized
you familiarized
he/she/it familiarized
we familiarized
you familiarized
they familiarized
Present Continuous
I am familiarizing
you are familiarizing
he/she/it is familiarizing
we are familiarizing
you are familiarizing
they are familiarizing
Present Perfect
I have familiarized
you have familiarized
he/she/it has familiarized
we have familiarized
you have familiarized
they have familiarized
Past Continuous
I was familiarizing
you were familiarizing
he/she/it was familiarizing
we were familiarizing
you were familiarizing
they were familiarizing
Past Perfect
I had familiarized
you had familiarized
he/she/it had familiarized
we had familiarized
you had familiarized
they had familiarized
I will familiarize
you will familiarize
he/she/it will familiarize
we will familiarize
you will familiarize
they will familiarize
Future Perfect
I will have familiarized
you will have familiarized
he/she/it will have familiarized
we will have familiarized
you will have familiarized
they will have familiarized
Future Continuous
I will be familiarizing
you will be familiarizing
he/she/it will be familiarizing
we will be familiarizing
you will be familiarizing
they will be familiarizing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been familiarizing
you have been familiarizing
he/she/it has been familiarizing
we have been familiarizing
you have been familiarizing
they have been familiarizing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been familiarizing
you will have been familiarizing
he/she/it will have been familiarizing
we will have been familiarizing
you will have been familiarizing
they will have been familiarizing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been familiarizing
you had been familiarizing
he/she/it had been familiarizing
we had been familiarizing
you had been familiarizing
they had been familiarizing
I would familiarize
you would familiarize
he/she/it would familiarize
we would familiarize
you would familiarize
they would familiarize
Past Conditional
I would have familiarized
you would have familiarized
he/she/it would have familiarized
we would have familiarized
you would have familiarized
they would have familiarized
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Verb1.familiarize - make familiar or conversant withfamiliarize - make familiar or conversant with; "you should acquaint yourself with your new computer"; "We familiarized ourselves with the new surroundings"
inform - impart knowledge of some fact, state or affairs, or event to; "I informed him of his rights"
orient - familiarize (someone) with new surroundings or circumstances; "The dean of students tries to orient the freshmen"
verse - familiarize through thorough study or experience; "She versed herself in Roman archeology"
reacquaint - familiarize anew; "We reacquainted ourselves with this technique"
get into - familiarize oneself thoroughly with; "He really got into semantics"
acquaint, introduce, present - cause to come to know personally; "permit me to acquaint you with my son"; "introduce the new neighbors to the community"


verb accustom, instruct, habituate, make used to, school, season, train, prime, coach, get to know (about), inure, bring into common use, make conversant The goal of the experiment was to familiarize the people with the new laws.
gøre bekendt med


[fəˈmɪlɪəraɪz] VTfamiliarizar (with con) to familiarize o.s. withfamiliarizarse con


[fəˈmɪljəraɪz] familiarise (British) vtfamiliariser
to familiarize o.s. with sth → se familiariser avec qch
to familiarize sb with sth → familiariser qn avec qch


vt to familiarize somebody/oneself with somethingjdn/sich mit etw vertraut machen; once you’ve familiarized yourself with the jobwenn Sie sich eingearbeitet haben


[fəˈmɪlɪəˌraɪz] vt to familiarize o.s. withfamiliarizzarsi con
to familiarize sb with sth → far conoscere qc a qn


(fəˈmiljə) adjective
1. well-known. The house was familiar to him; She looks very familiar (to me).
2. (with with) knowing about. Are you familiar with the plays of Shakespeare?
3. too friendly. You are much too familiar with my wife!
faˈmiliarly adverb
faˌmiliˈarity (-liˈӕ-) plural faˌmiliˈarities noun
1. the state of being familiar. I was surprised by her familiarity with our way of life.
2. an act of (too) friendly behaviour. You must not allow such familiarities.
faˈmiliarize, faˈmiliarise verb
(with with) to make something well known to (someone). You must familiarize yourself with the rules.
faˌmiliariˈzation, faˌmiliariˈsation noun
References in classic literature ?
It took but a short time to familiarize Tom with all that was to be hoped or feared in his new way of life.
WHEN I told the king I was going out disguised as a petty freeman to scour the country and familiarize myself with the humbler life of the people, he was all afire with the novelty of the thing in a minute, and was bound to take a chance in the adven- ture himself -- nothing should stop him -- he would drop everything and go along -- it was the prettiest idea he had run across for many a day.
The soldier ought to familiarize himself with all kinds of spectacles.
In his shrinking from the humiliation of a dependent attitude towards Bulstrode, he began to familiarize his imagination with another step even more unlike his remembered self.
I mention this because it would be worth the observation of any prisoner, who shall hereafter fall into the same misfortune, and come to that dreadful place of Newgate, how time, necessity, and conversing with the wretches that are there familiarizes the place to them; how at last they become reconciled to that which at first was the greatest dread upon their spirits in the world, and are as impudently cheerful and merry in their misery as they were when out of it.
During the visit, in order to familiarize the guests with the cultural values of the Kyrgyz people, an excursion around the parks of the city took place, including children's visit to the Alymbek-Datka ethnographic complex, the Sulayman Mountain museum complex, children also familiarized with the exhibits in a three-storey yurt.
The event organizers will familiarize servicemen of other states with their history, culture, customs and national cuisine.
It was last month when the poll body posted the ballot face templates at their official website to help familiarize voters with the ballot.
Azerbaijan's National Bureau of Tourism Promotion seeks to broadly familiarize Turkish citizens with the tourism potential of Azerbaijan, spokesman of the Bureau, Kanan Guluzade told Trend April 20.
The delegation is led by the Thai Deputy Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry, who is currently visiting the Sultanate to familiarize with the fisheries sector.
"I have held this meeting to enhance our partnership with Japan and familiarize with Japan's experience in science, IT and mathematics, among other scientific disciplines, with the purpose of developing Palestinian curricula," stated Abu Zuhri.