family Amaranthaceae

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Amaranthaceae - cosmopolitan family of herbs and shrubsfamily Amaranthaceae - cosmopolitan family of herbs and shrubs
caryophylloid dicot family - family of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
Caryophyllales, Chenopodiales, order Caryophyllales, order-Chenopodiales - corresponds approximately to the older group Centrospermae
Amaranthus, genus Amaranthus - large widely distributed genus of chiefly coarse annual herbs
Alternanthera, genus Alternanthera - genus of low herbs of tropical America and Australia; includes genus Telanthera
Celosia, genus Celosia - annual or perennial herbs or vines of tropical and subtropical America and Asia and Africa
Froelichia, genus Froelichia - genus of erect or procumbent herbs of the Americas having spikes of woolly white flowers: cottonweed
genus Gomphrena, Gomphrena - genus of tropical herbs or subshrubs having flowers in close heads; tropical America and Australia
genus Iresine, Iresine - genus of tropical American herbs or subshrubs
genus Telanthera, Telanthera - used in former classifications systems; now included in genus Alternanthera
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Here, we are demonstrating the same using proteins from Beta vulgaris (red beetroot; family Amaranthaceae), which is usually grown for the commercial and feeding purpose.
Family Amaranthaceae is famous for having potential halophytes.
It belongs to the family Amaranthaceae It is an erect or procumbent, annual or perennial herb, 1-2m in height, often with a woody base, commonly found as a weed of waysides, on roadsides.
ex Schult., a medicinal herb belonging to the family Amaranthaceae, is commonly called Polpala.