family Anguidae

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Anguidae - alligator lizards
reptile family - a family of reptiles
Lacertilia, Sauria, suborder Lacertilia, suborder Sauria - true lizards; including chameleons and geckos
anguid lizard - any of a small family of lizards widely distributed in warm areas; all are harmless and useful as destroyers of e.g. slugs and insects
genus Gerrhonotus, Gerrhonotus - alligator lizards
Anguis, genus Anguis - type genus of the Anguidae: blindworms
genus Ophisaurus, Ophisaurus - glass lizards
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Ultrastructural and quantitative dynamics of the granulosa of ovarian follicles of the lizard Gerrhonotus coeruleus (Family Anguidae).
Indeed, if we examine a sample of Squamata Anguimorpha, the great family Anguidae, i.e., with its more than 100 species and 13 genera, we get back to the kind of supraocular pattern we were reporting before for scincids as some Eumeces, Scincus or Chalcides, all lizards showing a tendency to minimization of legs and to having snake-like features.
spinifera (LeSueur), spiny softshell I Order Squamata (lizards and snakes) Family Iguanidae (iguanids) Sceloporus undulatus Latreille, eastern S fence lizard Family Anguidae (glass lizards) Ophisaurus attenuatus Cope, NW slender glass lizard Family Teiidae (whiptails) Cnemidophorus sexlineatus NW, SW (Linnaeus), six-lined racerunner Family Scincidae (skinks) Eumeces fasciatus (Linnaeus), I five-lined skink E.

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