family Ariidae

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fish family - any of various families of fish
order Siluriformes, Siluriformes - an order of fish belonging to the superorder Malacopterygii including catfishes
sea catfish - any of numerous marine fishes most of which are mouthbreeders; not used for food
genus Arius, Arius - type genus of the Ariidae: sea catfishes
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The present study aimed to describe the morphology and morphometry of the lapillus otolith of Cathorops spixii and Genidens genidens (both belonging to the family Ariidae and very abundant on the coast of Parana State, Brazil) (BARLETTA et al., 2008; FAVARO et al., 2005), in order to facilitate the identification of these species and the estimation of the size of fish in stomach contents of ichthyophagous animals.
The fish fauna in the Pahang estuary was dominated by species belonging to the family Ariidae (69.32%) followed by Sciaenidae (8.82%).