family Campanulaceae

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Campanulaceae - family of plants of the order Campanulalesfamily Campanulaceae - family of plants of the order Campanulales; in some classifications includes Lobeliaceae
plant family - a family of plants
Campanulales, order Campanulales - an order of plants of the subclass Asteridae including: Campanulaceae; Lobeliaceae; Cucurbitaceae; Goodeniaceae; Compositae
genus Campanula - large genus of herbs grown for their blossoms: bellflowers
genus Lobelia - in some classifications considered the type genus of a separate family Lobeliaceae
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Codonopsis lanceolata (family Campanulaceae) is a popular medicinal herb that is used to prevent various lung inflammations, such as bronchitis and cough [14].
The rhizome of Codonopsis lanceolata (family Campanulaceae), which contains lancemaside A as a main constituent, has been used as herbal medicine to treat inflammation, insomnia, and hypomnesia.