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Like much of southern China, this is in a vast karst landscape riddled with caves and home to the greatest diversity of cavernicolous trechine ground beetles (family Carabidae) in the world.
The family Carabidae, or ground beetles, currently includes about 40,000 (Thiele 1977) to 50,000 species (Desender 1987) but Gaston 1991 consider it could be about 60,000 species.
Ground beetles (family Carabidae) are common predators of many different insects and other arthropods, including fly eggs, caterpillars, wireworms, and others [10].
The present study was conducted to explore the fauna and biodiversity of family Carabidae (Coleoptera) from ten different localities of district Poonch, Pakistan during the year 2009- 2010.
Forty-nine (84%) of the 58 matched sequences corresponded to taxa within the order Coleoptera; most (37) of the 49 sequences identified as beetles represented the family Carabidae, with a few from Elateridae (5), Cerambycidae (4), Chrysomelidae (1), Nitidulidae (1), and Scarabaeidae (1).
On the other hand, it is interesting to note that carabids were collected in greater quantities in the pasture, contrary to the principle that the population of these insects is often negatively affected by grazing management practices (Rainio and Niemela, 2003.) Representatives of the family Carabidae are predators, occupying higher trophic levels.
As an example of beneficial bugs, consider the ground beetle, family Carabidae, all 2,500 species.
--, 2002.--The Beetle Family Carabidae of Costa Rica: Twenty-nine new species of Agra Fabricius 1801 (Coleoptera: Carabidae, Lebiini, Agrina).
In a recent paper, Felix (2009) illustrated and recorded the occurrence of 70 species of ground beetles (family Carabidae) in the United Arab Emirates, UAE.
Members of the family Carabidae and superfamilies Scarabaeoidea and Tenebrionoidea were collected from four ecological habitats from September 1999 to September 2000.
The genus Rhadine in the family Carabidae (ground beetles) includes many species in North America.
Six species of predaceous beetles in the family Carabidae are reported to feed on slugs and four of these have been found in Manitoba.