family Cebidae

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Cebidae - all the New World monkeys except marmosets and tamarins
mammal family - a family of mammals
Platyrrhini, superfamily Platyrrhini - New World monkeys: capuchin; douroucouli; howler monkey; saki; spider monkey; squirrel monkey; titi; uakari; woolly monkey; marmoset; tamarin
Cebus, genus Cebus - type genus of the Cebidae
Aotus, genus Aotus - douroucoulis
Alouatta, genus Alouatta - howler monkeys
Ateles, genus Ateles - spider monkeys
genus Saimiri, Saimiri - squirrel monkeys
genus Lagothrix, Lagothrix - woolly monkeys
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and other primates of the family Cebidae, there is a concave medial surface (Mivart), like in Galago senegalensis (Stevens et al.), but in the latter it is present in the proximal third, which is similar to our finding in Saguinus leucopus, which is an important feature for the fixation of some carpal and digits flexors muscles required for locomotion in branches and tree trunks, as shown in the ulnas of Alouatta seniculus, Atelespaniscus and Cebus spp.
Origin, speciation, and dispersal of South America titi monkeys, genus Callicebus (family Cebidae, Platyrrini).