family Curculionidae

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arthropod family - any of the arthropods
snout beetle - small weevil having a prolonged snout; destructive to e.g. grains and nuts
Anthonomus, genus Anthonomus - weevils destructive of cultivated plants
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Among the herbivores, the family Curculionidae has the largest number of records of insects found in phytotelma environments (Campos & Fernandez 2011); it was found in inflorescences of Heliconia spp.
is a weevil species belonging to the order Coleoptera and family Curculionidae. It is known to cause extensive loss to quality and quantity of stored grains as well as reduced viability of raw seeds.
This compound is associated with plant defense against herbivory, but herbivorous insects can circumvent latex toxicity (Agrawal & Konno, 2009), such as beetles of the family Curculionidae (Agrawal & van Zandt, 2003).