family Dacrymycetaceae

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Dacrymycetaceae - a family of basidiomycetous fungi belonging to the order Tremellales having a bifurcate basidium that lacks septa
fungus family - includes lichen families
order Tremellales, Tremellales - fungi varying from gelatinous to waxy or even horny in texture; most are saprophytic
Dacrymyces, genus Dacrymyces - type genus of the Dacrymycetaceae: fungi with a bifurcate basidium that lacks septa
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Dacrymycetales, initially established by Hennings (1898; as Dacryomycetinieae) and composed of the single family Dacrymycetaceae, which was introduced by SchrAlter (1889; as Dacryomycetini) including many genera.