family Dioscoreaceae

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plant family - a family of plants
genus Tamus, Tamus - a genus of tuberous vines of the family Dioscoreaceae; has twining stems and heart-shaped leaves and axillary racemes
Liliales, order Liliales - an order of monocotyledonous plants including Amaryllidaceae and Liliaceae and Iridaceae
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family Dioscoreaceae), false unicorn root (Helonias luteum (KerGawl)/Chamelirium luteum L.
The word 'yam' refers to the tuber of the botanical genus Dioscorea in the family Dioscoreaceae (Degras, 1998).
Yam belongs to the genus Dioscorea (Family Dioscoreaceae) and is the second most important tropical root crop in West Africa, next to cassava, [1].