family Formicidae

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arthropod family - any of the arthropods
Hymenoptera, order Hymenoptera - an order of insects including: bees; wasps; ants; ichneumons; sawflies; gall wasps; etc.
ant, emmet, pismire - social insect living in organized colonies; characteristically the males and fertile queen have wings during breeding season; wingless sterile females are the workers
genus Monomorium, Monomorium - a genus of Formicidae
Camponotus, genus Camponotus - carpenter ants
genus Formica, Formica - type genus of the Formicidae
genus Myrmecia, Myrmecia - bulldog ants
genus Polyergus, Polyergus - Amazon ants
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From the results, it was seen that individuals belonging to the orders Acari, Collembola and Diptera and to family Formicidae were the most frequent in each of the different periods of succession (Table 2 and 3), with reductions in the number of individuals from the orders Acari and Diptera during the rainy/dry transition and dry period, and Collembola during the rainy/dry transition (Table 3).
What sort of insects belong to the family Formicidae? 6.
What name is given to creatures of the family Formicidae?
(2013), represented by the family Formicidae (ants), corresponds to the dominant taxonomic group in most ecosystems, and is present in many different habitats.
Among the Hymenoptera, the family Formicidae showed frequency of 99.2% and 98.8%, respectively, in the managed and preserved areas, and, although the number of ants was higher in the pasture area, the number of species was greater in the preserved area.