family Giraffidae

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mammal family - a family of mammals
genus Giraffa, Giraffa - type genus of the Giraffidae
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Five Siwaliks genera of order Artiodactyla and family Giraffidae namely Progiraffa, Giraffokeryx, Giraffa, Bramatherium and Sivatherium are included in the present study of EH for the prediction of climatic variations and ecological disturbances of the Neogene and Quaternary Siwaliks.
In the Lower Siwaliks of Pakistan three genera of family Giraffidae were found i.e.
The specimens are rugose and the rugosity is a prominent feature in the family Giraffidae. Furthermore, the specimens have typical giraffid characteristics, such as the rugose enamel and the obliquity of the labial cusps (Pilgrim, 1911; Matthew, 1929; Colbert, 1935; Bhatti et al., 2012a) (Figs.