family Hylidae

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Hylidae - the amphibian family of tree frogs
amphibian family - any family of amphibians
tree frog, tree toad, tree-frog - arboreal amphibians usually having adhesive disks at the tip of each toe; of southeast Asia and Australia and America
genus Hyla, Hyla - the type genus of the Hylidae; tree toads
Acris, genus Acris - cricket frogs
genus Pternohyla, Pternohyla - burrowing tree frogs
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Of importance here are the chorus frogs within the family Hylidae, a clade distributed nearly worldwide.
The map treefrog (Hypsiboas geographicus), family Hylidae, is an amphibian found in the ecosystems of northern Brazil (PINHEIRO et al., 2012) and has potential use in scientific research.
In particular, in species whose breeding seasons last a few to several months (e.g., many species in the family Salamandiridae, many North American species in family Hylidae, some species in family Ranidae such as Lithobates catesbianus and L.
frog family Hylidae, with especial reference to Hylinae: Phylogenetic analysis and taxonomic revision.
Treefrogs (family Hylidae) are the most specious family of anurans in Mexico with 96 described species (ParraOlea et al., 2014).
Osteopilus septentrionalis is a neotropical and mostly arboreal frog in the family Hylidae that has become widely distributed in the southeastern United States.
The local frog community was dominated by members of the family Hylidae, represented by 12 species, most of which were associated with open habitats (Table 1).