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reptile family - a family of reptiles
Lacertilia, Sauria, suborder Lacertilia, suborder Sauria - true lizards; including chameleons and geckos
iguanid, iguanid lizard - lizards of the New World and Madagascar and some Pacific islands; typically having a long tail and bright throat patch in males
genus Iguana - type genus of the Iguanidae
Dipsosaurus, genus Dipsosaurus - desert iguanas
Callisaurus, genus Callisaurus - zebra-tailed lizard
genus Uma, Uma - fringe-toed lizard
genus Holbrookia, Holbrookia - earless lizards
Crotaphytus, genus Crotaphytus - collared lizards
Gambelia, genus Gambelia - leopard lizards
genus Sceloporus, Sceloporus - spiny lizards
genus Uta, Uta - a reptile genus of Iguanidae
genus Urosaurus, Urosaurus - a reptile genus of Iguanidae
genus Phrynosoma, Phrynosoma - horned lizards
Basiliscus, genus Basiliscus - a reptile genus of Iguanidae
Anolis, genus Anolis - New World chameleons
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The iguana is a reptile of the family Iguanidae. Of more than 35 species of iguana, only one type, Iguana iguana, popularly known as the green iguana, sinimbu, or chameleon, is indigenous to Brazil.
Sauromalus varius, the San Esteban Chuckwalla, is a large, herbivorous lizard in the family Iguanidae (Etheridge, 1982; Grismer, 1994a; Grismer, 1994b) endemic to Isla San Esteban, Sonora, Mexico (Shaw, 1945).