family Lycosidae

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arthropod family - any of the arthropods
hunting spider, wolf spider - ground spider that hunts its prey instead of using a web
genus Lycosa, Lycosa - type genus of the family Lycosidae
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Studies on the Fauna of Family Lycosidae (Wolf Spiders) of Central Anatolia Region).
A total of 298 spiders were collected from sixteen families, over 60 percent of which were in the family Lycosidae.
Spiders belong to family lycosidae used against leaf hoppers to regulate its population in rice [14].
Family Lycosidae with 68% of spider fauna was considered to be the dominant.
glacialis (Thorell), 100 individuals--all belonged to the family Lycosidae and represented 56% of the total number captured.
Revision of North American spiders of the family Lycosidae.
Some new species of Family Lycosidae from agricultural fields of Punjab, Pakistan.
Family Lycosidae (175) collected from sprayed fields consisted of two genus lycosa and pardosa.
Like many newly described members of the family Lycosidae Sundevall 1833 from the mid-20th century, Lycosa apothetica Wallace 1947 was originally described in the genus Lycosa Latreille 1804.
Most of them belonged to family Lycosidae in which genus Lycosa contained 38 while 47 and 19 specimens belonged to genus Pardosa and Hippasa respectively (Table 1).