family Paridae

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Paridae - titmice and chickadees
bird family - a family of warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings
Oscines, Passeres, suborder Oscines, suborder Passeres - two names for the suborder of typical songbirds
titmouse, tit - small insectivorous birds
genus Parus, Parus - type genus of the family Paridae
genus Psaltriparus, Psaltriparus - a genus of Paridae
Chamaea, genus Chamaea - a genus of Paridae
Auriparus, genus Auriparus - a genus of Paridae
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WITH reference to Mrs M Edwards' letter "Birds Left Suddenly" (Birmingham Mail, October 31), I think she should find herself extremely fortunate to have witnessed a coming and going, she says, of between 30 and 40 blue tits, Parus caeruleus belonging to the family Paridae, a truly enviable spectacle.