family Pomacentridae

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fish family - any of various families of fish
order Perciformes, order Percomorphi, Perciformes, Percomorphi - one of the largest natural groups of fishes of both marine and fresh water: true perches; basses; tuna
damselfish, demoiselle - small brilliantly colored tropical marine fishes of coral reefs
genus Pomacentrus, Pomacentrus - type genus of the Pomacentridae: damselfishes
Amphiprion, genus Amphiprion - damsel fishes
Abudefduf, genus Abudefduf - damsel fishes
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The whitetail damselfish (Family Pomacentridae), Stegastes leucorus (Gilbert, 1892), new to California marine waters with a key to the California species of Pomacentridae.
Sound production in the frequency range of 500-800 Hz was also dominated by a pulsatile call, typical of the family Pomacentridae and attributed to the bicolor damselfish (Stegastes partitus).
Coral fishes of the family Pomacentridae from the Western Indian Ocean and the Red Sea.