family Scorpaenidae

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Scorpaenidae - scorpionfishes; rockfishes; lionfishes
fish family - any of various families of fish
scorpaenid, scorpaenid fish - any of numerous carnivorous usually bottom-dwelling warm-water marine fishes found worldwide but most abundant in the Pacific
genus Scorpaena, Scorpaena - type genus of the Scorpaenidae: scorpionfishes
genus Pterois, Pterois - lionfishes
genus Synanceja, Synanceja - stonefishes
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Lionfish (Pterois volitans, family Scorpaenidae) and other venomous fish are frequently imported for home aquariums making envenomation possible in areas outside of indigenous coastal locations.
Lionfish are members of the venomous family Scorpaenidae which is among the largest in the vertebrate fish phylum (Chordata) with 45 genera and 380 species.
True sculpins belong to the Family Cottidae; Fowler described the new species as a member of the Family Scorpaenidae. Because both of these fish families belong to the Order Scorpaeniformes, some ichthyologists, Fowler apparently among them, call the entire order "sculpins" in familiar speech, despite it being a rather imprecise moniker.
The three otoliths identified as members of the rockfish family (family Scorpaenidae: Sebastes sp.) provided the least amount of marginal growth zone information (Table 2).
Guide to the identification of scorpionfish larvae (family Scorpaenidae) in the eastern Pacific with comparative notes on species of Sebastes and Helicolenus from other oceans.
Development and distribution of juveniles of Sebastolobus (Pisces: Family Scorpaenidae).
Variation in mitochondrial DNA genome size among fishes of the Family Scorpaenidae. Copeia, 1985:1056-1058.
The most abundant fish species commercialized during the period of study were: Caulolatilus princeps (21%), Paralabrax nebulifer (10%), Amphistichus argenteus (7%), the family Scorpaenidae (6.2%), Paralabrax auroguttatus (6%) y Mugil cephalus (6%).
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