family Sirenidae

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amphibian family - any family of amphibians
Caudata, order Caudata, order Urodella, Urodella - salamanders; newts; congo snakes
genus Siren - a genus of Sirenidae
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Here we describe two relatively well-preserved Amphiuma vertebrae from the site, and illustrate and discuss vertebral characters and structures that clearly separate this taxon from those of the other North American aquatic eel-like salamanders of the family Sirenidae. We also discuss problems with the identification of isolated Amphiuma vertebrae to the species level.
richmondi Netting & Mittleman, ravine SE salamander Pseudotriton ruber (Sonnini), northern red SC salamander Family Sirenidae (sirens) Siren intermedia LeConte, lesser siren W Order Anura (toads and frogs) Family Pelobatidae (spadefoot toads) Scaphiopus holbrookii (Harlan), eastern spadefoot S Family Bufonidae (toads) Bufo americanus Holbrook, American toad N,C,SE B.