family Unionidae

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Unionidae - freshwater mussels found worldwidefamily Unionidae - freshwater mussels found worldwide  
mollusk family - a family of mollusks
genus Unio, Unio - type genus of the family Unionidae
Anodonta, genus Anodonta - thin-shelled freshwater mussels
Dreissena, genus Dreissena - zebra mussels
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Four species within the family Unionidae were selected from two freshwater systems: Anodonta cygnea from a shallow lagoon (Barrinha - Mira), and Anodonta anatina, Potomida littoralis, and Unio delphinus from a river (Tamega river).
As far back as the early 1900's, Arnold Ortmann (1919) characterized anthropogenic impacts to macroinvertebrate communities, predicting that mussels in the family Unionidae would be the first lost in damaged freshwater systems and the last to recover.
North America's freshwater mussels of the family Unionidae are extremely diverse, with approximately 300 species found throughout its waters (Williams et al., 1993; Haag, 2012).
Freshwater bivalves of North America (family Unionidae) comprise the most imperiled taxa in the world, with recent estimates of extinctions ranging from 30 to 35 species and with 60% to 65% of the remaining species considered endangered, threatened or vulnerable (Haag and Williams, 2013; Ricciardi et al., 2014).
Remaining taxa were described or moved to the genus Unio and assumed to belong in the family Unionidae. Good (1) suggested the small or "dwarfed" size of basal southwestern unionoids was due to "environmental conditions not optimum for this group." Small shell size is common in modern and fossil unionoids and not here considered dwarfed.
This manuscript summarizes the findings of a survey for freshwater mussels of the family Unionidae (hereafter, simply referred to as ''mussels") in selected streams of the Sabine National Forest (SNF) adjacent to Toledo Bend Reservoir in East Texas (Figure 1).
Although this designation seems clear, the number of characters is insufficient for its ascription at the family level, but it could be assigned to the family Unionidae as Pleurobema, since our specimens resemble the members this genus more than those of any other known genus, as we discuss below.
Not only are they a food source to many other animals (Page, 1983), but they also are hosts to many freshwater mussels of the Family Unionidae (OSU, 2008).
The distribution and abundance of freshwater mussels of the family Unionidae (Pelecypoda) of the Wabash, White, and East Fork of the White rivers of Indiana.
Distributional survey and habitat utilization of freshwater mussels (Family Unionidae) in the lower Brazos and Sabine River basins.