family Varanidae

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reptile family - a family of reptiles
Lacertilia, Sauria, suborder Lacertilia, suborder Sauria - true lizards; including chameleons and geckos
genus Varanus, Varanus - type and sole extant genus of the Varanidae
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The extensive family Varanidae, unknown in the American continents, assembles a very variable set of supraocular coverings, from scales distinctly arranged to almost naked surfaces, mottled or variegated.
All front-fanged venomous snakes, including cobra, mamba, krait; all sea snakes; all Laticaudinae (sea krait); any member of the family Pythoninae; any member of the family Varanidae, including white-throated monitor, Bornean earless monitor, and Komodo dragon.

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