family Zeidae

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Zeidae - a family of fish in the order Zeomorphi
fish family - any of various families of fish
dory - marine fishes widely distributed in mid-waters and deep slope waters
genus Zeus, Zeus - type genus of the family Zeidae
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The last family Zeidae inhabits in the Atlantic and South Pacific Ocean of Peru and Chile, Salas y Gomez submarine ridges (Tyler et al., 2003; Eschmeyer, 2015).
Species of the family Zeidae have increased their nominal number, with two new species: Zenopsis conchifer captured in the seamounts of Juan Fernandez Archipelago and Z.
Another relevant taxonomic change is Stethopristes eos Gilbert, 1905, previously included in the family Zeidae (Pequeno, 1989; Parin et al., 1997).

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