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Famulus: (a) assistant (b) negative emotions (c) death (d) enlightenment 3.
Se traslado a Padua para estudiar medicina en calidad de sirviente de un estudiante adinerado (cliens et famulus domesticus).
Here are his words: "I just want to emphasize that I have my practical training acquired in this Hospital, where I had the privilege to work as a famulus during World War I, with the founders of modern medicine in Croatia, Wickerhauser, Cackovic, Gutschy, Markovic, Hiihn, and in particular Dr Masek, my first teacher in otorhinolaryngology, who was a true noble man, an example of devotedness and loyalty to his vocation and initiator of three specialized professions in our country, i.e.
In 1973 Kuka Robotics built its first robot, known as Famulus, also one of the first articulated robots to have six electromechanically driven axes.
Tatum brings his usual muscular charm, Redmayne sports an unfortunate bad–guy voice, while Gugu Mbatha–Raw (from Belle), who plays half–human, half–deer Famulus , gets the 'worst prosthetic alien ears' award.
Some of the cast members of the movie include Eddie Redmayne as Balem, Sean Bean as Stinger, Douglas Booth as Titus and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Famulus. Will the new movie replicate the success of the "Matrix" trilogy at the box office?
'Famulus' means domestic slave, and the 'familia,' belonging to a single man is the whole of the slaves.
Formulae for leg setation are given in parentheses according to the sequence: trochanter-femur-genu-tibia-tarsus (famulus included).