fan blade

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: blade - blade of a rotating fanfan blade - blade of a rotating fan    
vane, blade - flat surface that rotates and pushes against air or water
electric fan, blower - a fan run by an electric motor
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NYSE: UTX), today proudly announced it has recently commissioned a new fan blade manufacturing facility at its AutoAir plant in Lansing, Michigan, the company said.
so aim present work is Dual side fan rotated by single motor with the help of bevel gear has been performed, and the project is designed by the following bevel gear, motor, generator fan blade and wings, battery, shaft and bulb.
The market report, Global and Chinese Fan Blade Industry, 2016 Market Research Report, makes some important proposals for a new project of Fan Blade Industry before evaluating its feasibility.
Events proved that the rewards from Wilde's wide-chord fan blade were massive: a 2.
Always use fan blade screens anytime you're doing maintenance on a running engine.
The single large flocking bird is targeted at 50% fan blade span, The multiple medium flocking birds are targeted at critical areas of the fan plus at least one bird must enter the engine core.
I also welded a 1/4" thick shield to the outside of the housing to keep the fan blade intact if it ever came apart.
The other unknown parameters to determine include the turbulent flow correction factor k, the fan wheel outlet side diameter D, the fan blade installation angle [[beta].
The environmentally friendly units are available in four fan sizes: 16-, 24-,36- and 48-inch fan blade diameters.
Since your unit is tightly fastened in place, let's concentrate on distributing the airflow evenly over each fan blade.
If an obstruction in the fan blade or a seized bearing causes a locked rotor condition, the controller insures that phase drive outputs go into a safe mode to protect the transistor pair and motor windings.
A moment later, he walked into the house with a new fan blade and a beaming smile.