fan blade

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: blade - blade of a rotating fanfan blade - blade of a rotating fan    
vane, blade - flat surface that rotates and pushes against air or water
electric fan, blower - a fan run by an electric motor
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The greatest advancement in recent years has been the successful implementation of the carbon fiber fan blade on a turbofan engine.
the advantages of both traditional and dispersion fan blade to generate huge
Investigators say the engine explosion was caused when a fan blade broke off due to metal fatigue.
Southwest said about 40 of its 4,000 scheduled flights were canceled because of the emergency fan blade inspections.
The engine explosion on Southwest Airlines flight 1380 on Tuesday was caused by a fan blade that broke off, the FAA said.
The US Federal Aviation Administration said it will order inspection of about 220 aircraft engines as investigators have found that a broken fan blade touched off an engine explosion this week on a Southwestflight, killing a passenger.
fan blade had broken off, according to the US National Transportation
The new 93,000 square-foot facility adds to an already existing GTF fan blade production line in Lansing and is one of 30 dedicated manufacturing, production or assembly locations across the globe performing work on various parts and components of the GTF engine program.
so aim present work is Dual side fan rotated by single motor with the help of bevel gear has been performed, and the project is designed by the following bevel gear, motor, generator fan blade and wings, battery, shaft and bulb.
The market report, Global and Chinese Fan Blade Industry, 2016 Market Research Report, makes some important proposals for a new project of Fan Blade Industry before evaluating its feasibility.