fan magazine

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fan′ magazine`

a magazine containing information and gossip about celebrities. Compare fanzine.
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This means [...] tracing [...] the public discourse surrounding Valentino--reviews, interviews, studio publicity, articles in fan magazines and the general press, popular biographies--sources that at once document, manipulate and constitute his reception (Hansen 1994: 253).
The appendix includes an article from a science fiction fan magazine that transcribes a conversation between Lewis, Kingsley Amis and Brian Aldiss.
His breathless piece on Woody Allen belongs in a fan magazine. His take on Cecil Rhodes, an imperialist visionary, is a leftist cliche.
"I don't expect the papers to act like a fan magazine - at the end of the day reality is not a load of people telling you how great you are all the time.
Speaking at the anti-race-mixing Bob Jones University and giving an interview to the Confederate fan magazine Southern Partisan-which he praised for trying to convince Americans that the Confederates were not "giving their lives, subscribing their sacred fortunes and their honor to some preverted agenda"-didn't help Ashcroft's reputation with the civil rights cognoscenti eit her.
The editor of the fan magazine Gun World also wrote in August 2001 about the trend in sales of police sniper rifles, which are generally in the 30 caliber range." Later, the document warns that "the entrepreneurs who powered the 50 caliber wave are already working on new designs.
Dee's mother, Mary Douvan, was untruthfully portrayed as a saint, and she was also often grouped with Dee in fan magazine photographs in youthful poses, as a girlfriend: They were "almost like sisters." Mary Douvan was constantly described as Dee's "closest companion and friend." Mary was complicit in creating the mythology of Dee and her great love for her stepfather through various articles she "wrote" for the fan magazines.
Douglas and Zeta-Jones had negotiated a lucrative deal granting British fan magazine OK!
CORONATION Street's official fan magazine is closing down due to falling sales.
Bowie and Koons, a driveling exercise in narcissistic exhibitionism more appropriate to a Hollywood fan magazine than a serious art journal.
The singer asked to see Angela Samuels, 20, after her mum wrote to his fan magazine about her.
"I'm getting bigger every day," the Material Girl, left, moaned to her fan magazine, Icon.