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1. Created in the fancy; imaginary or unreal: a fanciful story.
2. Tending to indulge in fancy: a fanciful mind.
3. Showing invention or whimsy in design; imaginative. See Synonyms at fantastic.

fan′ci·ful·ly adv.
fan′ci·ful·ness n.


n (of story etc)Seltsamkeit f; (of person)blühende Fantasie or Phantasie; (of costume)reiche Verzierung; (of pattern)Fantasiereichtum m, → Phantasiereichtum m
References in classic literature ?
The event acquitted her of all the fancifulness, and all the selfishness of imaginary complaints.
As Mainhall had said, she was the second act; the plot and feeling alike depended upon her lightness of foot, her lightness of touch, upon the shrewdness and deft fancifulness that played alternately, and sometimes together, in her mirthful brown eyes.
It has often been charged with inconsistency and fancifulness, and yet has had an elevating effect on human nature, and has exercised a wonderful charm and interest over a few spirits who have been lost in the thought of it.
This charming fancifulness and delicacy of feeling is apparently the great contribution of the Britons to English literature; from it may perhaps be descended the fairy scenes of Shakspere and possibly to some extent the lyrical music of Tennyson.
Though his prose has no ornamental frills and no redundant fancifulness, his engaging style and the gripping narrative make it an interesting read.
As Lowell suggests, with the modernist ideal of the direct representation of time felt so as to stem the general dissociation of sensibility, fancifulness in antique watches and their accessories has come to seem spurious.
(Bronte 2008, 163) These supposedly ironic lines, in which Lucy playfully imagines herself as a Catholic nun at the same time when she seems to ridicule such fancifulness, barely hide the very real horrors she experiences in relation to the possibility of becoming a Catholic, which connotes the possibility of being immured in a house without True Love.
(80) And if this possibility seems fanciful, it is only a small step to recognizing the almost-equivalent fancifulness of expecting self-enforcement from legislators and high executive officials.
Willcox found it appropriate to "wind up our story with a wedding, notwithstanding it grows fashionable to decry that sort of nonsense in a book." His following work offered a serialized story about West Point cadets that included less fancifulness but nevertheless relied on a similar plot line.
Both Forster and (to a greater extent) Waugh appreciate Firbank's reappropriation of Wildean fin-de-siecle fancifulness for modern literary experimentation.
Also like Marker one expects the idiosyncratic sensibility of a personal statement, and while Marker had his cats, Adieu au langage introduces Roxy Mieville, a dog (who shares the name of Godard's long-time partner Anne -Marie Mieville) and also the film's star and lead protagonist whose presence is more than just fancifulness. Roxy is used as commentary to highlight the questions of experience and vision raised in the film.
In Olmorog, Kalasinga's fascination with mythological stories is offset by his irritation with the fancifulness seeping into Hussein's account, but when Yusuf asks, "what lies beyond the darkness to the west?" Kalasinga startles the group by announcing, "I am going to translate the Koran." "Into Swahili." When it is pointed out that he cannot speak Kiswahili (28) or read Arabic, he responds, "I will translate it from the English translation," and his rationale is pure Naipaulania: