fancy-dress ball

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Noun1.fancy-dress ball - a ball at which guests wear costumes and masksfancy-dress ball - a ball at which guests wear costumes and masks
formal, ball - a lavish dance requiring formal attire
masque, masquerade, masquerade party, mask - a party of guests wearing costumes and masks
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At Kensington Palace, Julie learns how Victoria was shaped by her isolated childhood, while Victoria's own drawings, letters, childhood dolls and fancy-dress ball gowns (preserved in the Royal Collection) provide insights into her different roles as monarch, diplomat, wife and mother.
The series kicks off with a double bill, which finds Kate (Louise Ford) attempting to win the royals over by helping Harry (Richard Goulding) with his fancy-dress ball at Buckingham Palace.
CORONATION Street stars became caped crusaders for charity at a fancy-dress ball.