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All the fans of a sport, an activity, or a famous person.


1. a collection of fans or enthusiasts
2. the realm of fans and enthusiasts
3. the state of being a fan or enthusiast


(ˈfæn dəm)

all the fans, as of a film star.
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Noun1.fandom - the fans of a sport or famous person
followers, following - a group of followers or enthusiasts
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The Dundee Library's first Fandom Week is full of programs for all ages and culminates with Fandom Con from 10 a.m.
Super Junior won the Choice International Artist award with their fans, or ELF, being awarded the Choice Fandom in 2015.
The singer-actress said she respected the feelings of her fans to appeal for her love team with Donny, but she is not in favor of fandom war between DonKiss supporters and fans of her other "former on-screen partner." "I felt how strongly they want to fight for this ship despite the despites, as it is not because of the ship itself but the family found in one another.
Research over the last several decades has greatly expanded on our understanding of the psychology of sport fandom (Wann & James, in press).
In the fandom, however, people feel very differently, including Imogen Lovelace, the founder of the popular online campaign #SaveAmara.
The problem is, Jessica Stone--the actress who plays Princess Amara--wants nothing more than to leave the intense scrutiny of the fandom behind.
These programs explore ways teenagers celebrate fandom while providing a space for students to explore their interests and hobbies.
It will also be integrated with Cinedigm's existing and planned OTT services, including the fandom lifestyle network CONtv.
Now known as the Potterhead Running Club (PHRC), it will become part of a set of "fanthropy" running programs: the intersection between fandom entertainment interests, physical fitness, and philanthropic actions.
In support of #SaveShadowhunters, the fandom has started petitions, sent letters to networks and streaming platforms, bought billboards, flown banners in the sky and raised money for The Trevor Project.
That duality is equally evident in Leski's upbeat exploration of boy-band fandom. First and foremost, I Used to Be Normal is a celebration of loving something and letting it shape your life.