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1. Any of the hollow or grooved teeth of a venomous snake with which it injects venom.
2. A long, sharp, pointed tooth, especially a canine tooth of a carnivorous animal, such as a dog or wolf, with which it seizes and tears its prey.
3. The root of a tooth or a pronglike division of such a root.
4. A fanglike structure, especially a chelicera of a venomous spider.

[Middle English, booty, spoils, something seized, from Old English; see pag- in Indo-European roots.]

fanged adj.


 (făng, fäng, fäN)
n. pl. Fang or Fangs
1. A member of a people inhabiting Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, and Cameroon.
2. The Bantu language of the Fang.
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Adj.1.fanged - having fangs
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Before now he had battled with fanged monsters, nor always had he come away unscathed.
While carnivores like wolves use their fangs to lock onto their animal prey, scientists believe the now-extinct group of fanged kangaroos were vegetarians.
Jeff Fanged, the city police chief, said on Friday (June 24).