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A type of conglomerate consisting of heterogeneous rock fragments of all sizes deposited in an alluvial fan.

[Blend of fan and conglomerate.]
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Plint and van der Poll (1982) interpreted the Balls Lake and Lancaster formations as laterally equivalent fanglomerate and braid-plain deposits.
Late Devonian or Early Devonian sedimentmy rocks Footslope deposits Talus and/or fanglomerate colluvial deposits.
Resistate, igneous rock indicator mineral grains in the current river system are probably derived at least in part from 'reworking' of the early Quaternary 'fanglomerate' gravels.
The sandstone does not resemble a basin margin alluvial conglomerate or fanglomerate, which would typically contain a mix of rounded clasts of durable lithologies derived from adjacent highlands.
2), primary and secondary minerals occur in a fanglomerate matrix, as coatings on the pebbles and as infillings of fractures and cavities (Rose and Johnson 1990; Merlini 1998).