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Adj.1.fanlike - resembling a fan
broad, wide - having great (or a certain) extent from one side to the other; "wide roads"; "a wide necktie"; "wide margins"; "three feet wide"; "a river two miles broad"; "broad shoulders"; "a broad river"
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As he did so he saw the good sister with the high-colored cheeks and the fanlike frill to her coiffure, who had admitted him, was in conference at the gate with two persons who had just come in.
The fog was lighter here, and he could see the strange, bottle-shaped kilns with their orange, fanlike tongues of fire.
Others resembled strange beasts, and on the sides of the cave were fanlike ivory tracings, such as the frost leaves upon a pane.
The lower section of Rising, meanwhile, depicts what looks like fire and smoke, perhaps alluding to the explosive launch of a missile, with a more balanced fanlike shape above.
The second is a fanlike series (F) of essentially separate but thematically linked components that advance an overall project rather than aiming at a particular result.
Gauze surgical medical grade 100% cotton, 36 "x 100 yards, no starch, no optical white, bleached based h2o2, flat woven weft 16 to 20 threads, warp 20 to 24 threads, weighing 22.5 to 28.8 g / m2, bent part fanlike,laminated glass holder material object width 65 mm, length 25 mm, thickness 1 mm,natural absorbable suture chromic (chromic catgut no.
The seated pose with the legs crossed at the ankles, and a fanlike antavasa motif in front (figure 11), are distinctly Pala-related, suggesting ongoing influence from India of this period.
They come in diverse shapes, including the fanlike diatom (bottom) that lives on red algae, which are archaeplastids.
Here, fanlike Mexican tree ocotillos (Fouquieria macdougalii) serve as a backdrop for equally spaced agaves (Agave 'Blue Glow') and low chartreuse Sedum rupestre 'Angelina'.
These so-called two-stage and three-stage machines employ an auger or paddle arrangement to feed snow to a fanlike impeller that forcefully sends the white stuff flying.
The centers of the bed quilts have large fanlike designs that form a cross.
IV, with 2 fanlike sensilla and 2 cuticular conic papillae.