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an archaic spelling of phantasm
fanˈtasmal, fanˈtasmic adj
fanˈtasmally, fanˈtasmically adv


(ˈfæn tæz əm)

1. an apparition or specter.
2. a creation of the imagination or fancy; fantasy.
3. a mental image or representation of a real object.
4. an illusory likeness of something.
[1175–1225; Middle English fantesme < Old French < Latin phantasma < Greek phántasma image, vision]
phan•tas′mal, phan•tas′mic, phan•tas′mi•cal, adj.
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Noun1.fantasm - a ghostly appearing figurefantasm - a ghostly appearing figure; "we were unprepared for the apparition that confronted us"
disembodied spirit, spirit - any incorporeal supernatural being that can become visible (or audible) to human beings
Flying Dutchman - the captain of a phantom ship (the Flying Dutchman) who was condemned to sail against the wind until Judgment Day
2.fantasm - something existing in perception onlyfantasm - something existing in perception only; "a ghostly apparition at midnight"
flying saucer, UFO, unidentified flying object - an (apparently) flying object whose nature is unknown; especially those considered to have extraterrestrial origins
Flying Dutchman - a phantom ship that is said to appear in storms near the Cape of Good Hope
ghost, specter, wraith, spectre, spook, shade - a mental representation of some haunting experience; "he looked like he had seen a ghost"; "it aroused specters from his past"
illusion, semblance - an erroneous mental representation
References in classic literature ?
So strange thy outcry, and thy words so strange Thou interposest, that my sudden hand Prevented spares to tell thee yet by deeds What it intends; till first I know of thee, What thing thou art, thus double-form'd, and why In this infernal Vaile first met thou call'st Me Father, and that Fantasm call'st my Son?
Mainstream Bollywood still adheres to larger- than- life perfection but the new brigade is learning to mix that fantasm with reality, and the internet has emerged as an outlet for younger stars to project a persona beyond the politically correct.
On this reading, Arendt is saying that because historical events cannot be authored by a subject, collective or individual, any attempt to narrate historical events as the history of the people/nation can only produce an "anxious fantasm or simulacrum .