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A visionary; a dreamer.

[German, from Medieval Latin phantasta, from Greek phantastēs, boaster, from phantasiā, imagination; see fantasy.]


a dreamer or visionary
[C16: from German Phantast, from Greek phantastēs boaster; English word influenced in meaning by fantastic]


(ˈfæn tæst)

a visionary; dreamer.
[1580–90; < German, variant of Phantast < Greek phantastḗs boaster fantastic]
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Noun1.fantast - someone who predicts the futurefantast - someone who predicts the future  
illusionist, seer, visionary - a person with unusual powers of foresight
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Walter Scott and Dumas are echoed in The Lord of the Rings and the works it inspired to a much greater degree than are such early fantasts as George MacDonald or Lewis Carroll, usually considered to be the progenitors of the genre.
But the lads were fantasts ic and deserved the draw.
For the intention to carry out serious interpretations of the visions of 'fantasts' (15) is enough to awaken mischievous suspicions, and the philosophy that lets itself be discovered in such bad company arouses mistrust.