far cry

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adv. far·ther (fär′thər), far·thest (fär′thĭst) or fur·ther (fûr′thər) or fur·thest (fûr′thĭst)
1. To, from, or at a considerable distance: a cat that had strayed far from home.
2. To, from, or at a much earlier or later time: a movie that takes place far in the future.
3. To a considerable degree; much: felt far better yesterday; eyes that seemed far too close together.
4. To an advanced point or stage: a brilliant student who will go far.
adj. farther, farthest or further or furthest
a. Being at considerable distance; remote: a far country.
b. Going back a considerable extent in time: the far past.
2. More distant than another: the far corner.
3. Extensive or lengthy: a far trek.
4. Far-seeing and comprehensive in thought or outlook: a commander of far vision.
5. Marked by political views of the most advanced or extreme nature: the far right; the far left.
a. Being on the right side of an animal or a vehicle.
b. Being the animal or vehicle on the right.
by far
To the most extreme or evident degree: She is by far the best executive in the company.
far and away
By a great margin: is far and away the smartest student in the class.
far and wide
Everywhere: looked far and wide for the lost puppy.
far be it from (someone)
Used to deflect responsibility for making a statement that might not be received well: Far be it from me to criticize, but I find your handwriting to be very sloppy.
far cry
1. A long way: stuck at the airport in Memphis, a far cry from Maine.
2. Something that is very different from something else: This food is a far cry from what we got in the cafeteria.
far from
Not at all; anything but: You are far from a failure.
far gone
In an advanced state of a process, especially an undesirable state that is beyond improvement or reversal: "The fire was issuing from a long straw-stack, which was so far gone as to preclude a possibility of saving it" (Thomas Hardy).
far out
Slang Used to express amazement or approval.
how far
To what degree, distance, or extent: didn't know how far to believe them; tried to decide how far she could ski in such cold.
so far
1. Up to the present moment: So far there's been no word from them.
2. To a limited extent: You can go only so far on five dollars.
thus far
Up to this point; so far: Our success has been limited thus far.

[Middle English, from Old English feor; see per in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.far cry - distance estimated in terms of the audibility of a cry; "it's a far cry from here"
farawayness, farness, remoteness - the property of being remote
2.far cry - a disappointing disparity; "it was a far cry from what he had expected"
disparity - inequality or difference in some respect
References in classic literature ?
But it's a far cry from the Solomons to the United States.
A sound as of the beating of distant drums--a murmur of swarming voices, a sharp, far cry signing all to silence, and Halpin Frayser dreamed that he was dead.
The pale light of the short sunless day was beginning to fade, when a faint far cry arose on the still air.
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FAR CRY 5 - Ubisoft's Far Cry series has so far allowed players access to the open worlds of Africa, Himalayas and weird Pacific islands, but this time they've gone for something a little bit closer to home.
Over two and a half years of production on Far Cry 5, Hay suggested that he and his team have changed quite remarkably during the research process.
Familiar is fine when the underlying Far Cry gameplay is so good.
The Northumberland Plate seems to lend itself to tight finishes as much as any major staying race in the calendar, but few modern-day runnings have rivalled the duel fought out by Far Cry and Travelmate in the then Fosters Lagersponsored 1999 race.
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