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Adj.1.far left - radical or extremely liberal
left - of or belonging to the political or intellectual left
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He contrived to lead Lady Janet insensibly back to the lost subject by dexterous reference to a narrative which he had thus far left untold--the narrative of his adventures on the Continent.
He does not have the support of his MPs, indeed most of them voted to get rid of him as leader and under Corbyn the Labour party has moved to the far left.
For the far left to try to dominate all policy decisions by debarring moderates from any position at the top of the party is suicidal.
Psychologists Timothy Daughtry and Gary Casselman have created a practical manual on how the far left took control of our country and how mainstream Americans can take it back.
What did leftist terrorism mean for the women who committed themselves to its secretive and violent world, and what can we learn from the representation of gender in portrayals of the RAF and West Germany's other far left groups?
Defendants accused of conspiracy to burgle include Wayne Floyd, far left, Andrew Smith, left, Shaun Slater, below far left, and Paul Martin, below left, who were all bailed.
And while late entry into the race, Jeremy Corbin, is known for his far left views, dopey Diane Abbott reckons "he'll do better than people think.
He also appears to be a victim of his own far left political propaganda that loathes any dissenting points of view and immediately tags anyone opposed to multiculturalism and mass immigration as a "race hate party.
OUT OF STEP Lord Gill, far left, and Lord Gill, far left, and fellow judges have fellow judges have resisted register resisted register
Why is it that tolerance is encouraged by the far left for behavior that is dishonest?
top, winning men's team (left to right) Harvey Speed, Toby Spencer, Richard Taylor, Ben Jones, Matthew Lole, Stephen Emery); Above Lucas Bennett, right Robert Villette; above left Ellie Minshull, below left James Keay, above far left, under-17 team Daniel Villette, Jeremy Barnsand Edward Broadberry, below far left Bethan Hinett.
June Keegan (ne Carter) is far left in the back row

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