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Adj.1.far left - radical or extremely liberal
left - of or belonging to the political or intellectual left
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He contrived to lead Lady Janet insensibly back to the lost subject by dexterous reference to a narrative which he had thus far left untold--the narrative of his adventures on the Continent.
Economically, the far left is communism and socialism with government control of production of goods with very little individual rights.
Rachel Weisz, far left, and Taylor Schilling Looks like black is the
USD-JPY lifted back above 109.00 from yesterday's correction low at 108.54, but has so far left yesterday's 10-week peak at 109.20 untroubled.
Captain Jennings (far left) hit 89 from 148 balls in a second-wicket stand of 144 with Foakes (left), who scored 67, before declaring England's innings on 250 for five.
He does not have the support of his MPs, indeed most of them voted to get rid of him as leader and under Corbyn the Labour party has moved to the far left.
Claimed to have been based on leaked emails from a secret Momentum e-group involving a small number of members, the dossier reported that: | Members and former members of far left groups were attempting to take control of the local party | A small number of members were attempting to deselect local MP Louise Ellman and local councillors | Far left members conspired to undermine a local investigation of anti-semitism complaints The dossier concluded these members were "clearly operating against the best interests of and, in many instances, in direct opposition to Labour".
For the far left to try to dominate all policy decisions by debarring moderates from any position at the top of the party is suicidal.
Psychologists Timothy Daughtry and Gary Casselman have created a practical manual on how the far left took control of our country and how mainstream Americans can take it back.
(Andreas Baader, together with Meinhof and Ensslin, led the group until their capture, convictions, and prison suicides in the mid-to-late 1970s.) All this, despite the fact that women probably made up only about one-third of West Germany's far Left, according to Charity Scribner's After the Red Army Faction.
Portugal's president named Socialist leader Antonio Costa as prime minister on Tuesday, ending weeks of political stalemate and paving the way for the first, if potentially unstable, Socialist government reliant on the far left for its survival.
And while late entry into the race, Jeremy Corbin, is known for his far left views, dopey Diane Abbott reckons "he'll do better than people think."

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