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 (fə-răd′ĭk) also far·a·da·ic (făr′ə-dā′ĭk)
Of, relating to, or using an intermittent asymmetric alternating electric current produced by an induction coil.

[After Michael Faraday.]
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(fəˈrædɪk) or


(General Physics) of or concerned with an intermittent asymmetric alternating current such as that induced in the secondary winding of an induction coil
[C19: from French faradique, from Michael Faraday]
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(fəˈræd ɪk)

of or pertaining to a discontinuous, asymmetric, alternating electric current from the secondary winding of an induction coil.
[1875–80; < French faradique. See farad, -ic]
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Charge storage in a supercapacitor device can be achieved through a double-layer electrostatic mechanism (i.e., adsorption and desorption of charged ions from an electrolyte onto highly porous electrodes) and/or a faradic redox process (i.e., pseudocapacitance that is based on fast and reversible surface redox reactions).
There were widely ranging differences noted in pulse duration (0.1 ms to 1000 ms), as well as types of currents used, including a faradic and galvanic combination in one case.
Marcos et al., "A model for the assessment of interfering processes in Faradic electrodes," Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, vol.
Souques treated these patients with persuasive electroshock therapy or "torpillage." This was not the ECT of today; it consisted of administering painful faradic and galvanic shocks repeatedly until the soldiers gave up their symptoms and returned to the battlefield.
Contrary to the charge storage process in pseudocapacitance, which is based on a fast faradic reaction at the near surface of electrodes, the capacitance of EDLCs arises from electrostatic separation at the interface of carbon-based electrodes based on the non-Faradaic reaction [6, 7].
(9) Those who could afford it, relieved their weariness by travelling to Bath, Baden-Baden or Aix-les-Bains to spend months 'taking the waters;' sitting in pyretic baths; Bergonie Chairs; or being rejuvenated with galvanic and faradic batteries.
The corrosion potentials ([E.sub.corr]) in mV versus SCE, the corrosion current density ([i.sub.corr] in [micro]Ax[cm.sup.-2]) and [[beta].sub.a], and [[beta].sub.c] in mvx[dec.sup.-1] were established from Tafel plots (Figure 10), and weight loss (WL) in gx[m.sup.-2]x[day.sup.-1] and penetration loss in mmx[y.sup.-1] were calculated by faradic conversions, while Rp in [OMEGA]x[cm.sup.2] was calculated using the following equation [22]:
For the other modified electrode, when the redox protein is in the presence of carbon nanotubes, CV experiments yielded evidence of a prominent increase (about 20 times) of faradic current (Figure 1(b)) and also an enhancement of electron transfer kinetic was observed at a constant amount of immobilized protein.
The faradic yield of the metal dissolution ([PHI]) was estimated according to Faraday's law:
Krause used for the first time faradic stimulation to differentiate the facial from the audiovestibular nerve2.