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1. Of or relating to farce.
a. Resembling a farce; ludicrous.
b. Ridiculously clumsy; absurd.

far′ci·cal′i·ty (-kăl′ĭ-tē), far′ci·cal·ness n.
far′ci·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.farcically - in a farcical manner; "a farcically inept bungler"
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And then farcically, so anxious is the London-centric establishment to grab everything and look better than others that one of the articles described Cheddar Man as "the oldest ALMOST complete skeleton discovered in the UK".
CHESTER boss Marcus Bignot has called on the football authorities to show more respect to supporters after the farcically late postponement of his side's clash at Eastleigh on Saturday.
Rosalinde's hapless lover, Alfred, was farcically sung by tenor Angus Stuart, who managed to overplay his vocal lines without destroying them.
Haye is expected to next fight 44-year-old Briggs, who in a farcically one-sided affair earlier stopped Argentina's Emilio Ezequiel Zarate in less than a round.
Decorated Knight proved the horse with the best finishing speed in an Al Basti Equiworld Festival Stakes spoiled to some extent by a farcically slow early pace at Goodwood.
Though It's still steeped In its maker's very particular formalities of language and performance, this honey-drizzled, farcically funny fable of an unhappy teenager seeking a father--first the one he has, then the one he deserves--could prove to be Green's most commercially accessible work, even among arthouse auds not necessarily attuned to its theological symbolism.
Thatcher's children - most notably in the shape of David Cameron and heir presumptive George Osborne - can't believe their luck at history farcically repeating itself as the Buller Boys privatise the NHS, destroy the welfare state, shackle trade unions and flog what assets are left.
2 Aljaz Bedene was farcically ruled out of facing the Belgians.
Ali was farcically run out for 34, James Anderson trapped Shoaib Malik lbw for nought and Stuart Broad dismissed Younus Khan for 14 in the final session to give England hope after they had been bowled out for 306 soon after lunch.
Fatty O'Leary's Dinner Party is about an Irish-American antiques dealer whose trip to Ireland goes farcically wrong.
The Prime Minister is struggling to keep the lid on a world spinning farcically out of control.
It ended farcically with a pilot-turned-gunman named Andrew Newton luring him to a lay-by in Exmoor but he only succeeded in shooting dead his dog.