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A cutaneous form of glanders, characterized by swelling of the superficial lymph vessels and formation of ulcerating nodules on the skin.

[Middle English farsi, farsin, from Old French farcin, from Latin farcīmen, sausage, from farcīre, to stuff.]


n, pl -cies
(Veterinary Science) vet science a form of glanders in which lymph vessels near the skin become thickened, with skin lesions and abscess-forming nodules, caused by a bacterium, Burkholderia mallei. Also called: farcin
[C15: from Old French farcin, from Late Latin farcīminum glanders, from Latin farcīmen a sausage, from farcīre to stuff]


(ˈfɑr si)

n., pl. -cies.
a form of glanders chiefly affecting the skin and superficial lymphatic vessels of horses and mules.
[1375–1425; late Middle English farsy(n) < Anglo-French, Middle French farcin < Late Latin farcīminum glandular disease, derivative of farcire to stuff]
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A horse is mortal; suppose mine had had the glanders or the farcy?"
Protein biomarkers are important tools in environmental assessment because they reflect early interactions of any type of stressor with the cell, which, as a consequence, alters its physiology and protein expression (Fent, 2004; Farcy, Voiseux, Lebel, & Fievet, 2009).
Extreme temperatures cause severe cell damage due to irreversible protein denaturation (Hamdoun et al., 2003; Li et al., 2007; Farcy et al., 2009).
Low indemnity/compensation according to Farcy act 1899 (Indo-Pakistan) exert serious negative effect on livelihood of poor families dependent on working equines (Muhammad et al., 1998).
Nocardia was first isolated by Edmond Nocard in 1888 from a case of bovine farcy. A year after, an Italian researcher, Trevisan, characterized the organism and named it N.
En particular, cabe destacar la globalizacion economica y cultural, la tercerizacion de la economia y la consolidacion de la ciudad como lugar de inversion intensiva de capitales publicos y privados (De Mattos, 2010; Duranton & Puga, 2004; Hidalgo & Janoschka, 2014; May, 1997; Moulaert, Scott & Farcy, 1997).
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The chronic, cutaneous form of glanders presents as ulcerated skin lesions along major lymph and blood vessels and is known as farcy (from the Latin farcire, "sausage").
(1.) See Nye (107-16), Renneville, and Farcy for a discussion of the response to Lacassagne's theories in France.